What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"ACTS Pharmacy is run by wonderful, caring residents of our community. We are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with them on community events that improve access to quality healthcare solutions for our residents' needs. Happy to have them here and find a like-minded organization that loves to serve!"

-Salishan Association

"Extremely helpful! I came in with a list of vaccines and tests I needed for school and my previous vaccine record and they figured out what I needed when. They took care to not be painful when doing the blood pulls/ shots and were very friendly."


"Some time ago, my wife and I were prescribed the Shingrex vaccinations to avoid Shingles. We could not find a pharmacy that had it available. Finally, a Nurse recommended Acts Pharmacy.

"Jazel Bautista was able to get us in right away. She was courteous, professional, and effective.

"We immediately contacted Ms. Bautista when we became eligible for the COVID vaccine. She got us in right away. Our appointment was for 10:00. We had plenty of personal space, inside, while waiting. We received our injections at 10:00 without any drama.

"We have seen in the news the stumbling blocks, and hardships other folks have had to go through. Ms. Bautista saved us from that, and is our Pharmacist for life for all pharmacy needs!"


"Absolutely wonderful customer service. They are so on point making sure your visit is quick and easy (got my flu shot). I had new insurance information and they had that information already and in their system. Highly recommend using them as your pharmacist."


"Just received my first covid vaccine at this facility. It was easy. They are organized, professional, and caring. The Pharmacist, Jazel came around and introduced herself to those of us that were waiting for our shots. The wait time was minimal. Please consider checking this place out for your pharmacy needs as well."


"Great customer service with smiles. Very courteous welcome as soon as you walk in from Ms. Mali M. (Senior Pharmacy Tech) and very helpful to make you feel comfortable. First class service from our pharmacist, Ms. Jazel Jane M. Bautista no matter what, whether it is flu shots or getting prescription filled. Her explanation of medical treatment and terms is so comforting. If Webster is updating the dictionary, they should put their pictures to define what the customer service and professionalism is.

"If you need personal touch, this is place to go for all your pharmacy needs rather than going to some big chain stores where you are just another number."


"All the staff at the Acts Pharmacy and Healthcare Services helped me figure out all my vaccines for vet school. They made the process easy and answered all the questions and concerns that I had. If you need any medical services and Acts Pharmacy and Healthcare Services provides it, I recommend them!"


"Excellent customer service! Jazel answers the phone when you call--no phone tree, just a real person that can answer questions! Clean, quiet, easy to find, and friendly!"


"Acts Pharmacy is such a breath of fresh air from the corporate pharmacies to which many people are used to going. It is a local, family-owned business (it is not owned or run by the hospital, FYI), and the pharmacists are so friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. Service is always prompt and kind, I really feel like Acts Pharmacy is my pharmacy home! Thank you to the wonderful staff and doctors for taking care of your community!"


"This Pharmacy deserves 10 stars. They are very professional & kind. They are very knowledgeable of the medications, and prepare your Rx in a reasonable time. The last time I had any interaction with them it was over the phone. The pharmacist recognized my voice and addressed me by my name. Before that, the only encounter I had with her was to receive my flu shot. It amazes me how she can remember me with the hundreds of patients that she sees. It certainly makes me feel special!"


"What a great bunch of people! This isn't your typical corp America pharmacy. Mali the SR tech is amazing and caring. Jazel will take the time to speak with you if you have any concerns. They are both a delight and wont make you feel like you are burdening them. They are there to help. Will definitely be coming back here for all my prescriptions."


"Very friendly, very helpful in giving vaccine information and services. Extremely efficient and handled me efficiently when I had to be late to my 2nd appointment. They did an excellent job squeezing me in and no one else ran behind."


"They have the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. They were very informative and sincere. The facility is very clean. This is not a get in and get out place. I recommend everyone in Tacoma to come here to get vaccinated."


You can help Acts Pharmacy and Healthcare Services, LLC by leaving a great review on Facebook, Google and Yelp - thank you!